SPR™TF/RO Spiral Wound Lining

40″ – 60″ Pipe Lining No Grout Solution 100% Trenchless

Tight Fit PVC Lining

SPR™TF is a Spiral Wound pipe rehabilitation method for mid-range diameter sewers, storm drains and culverts. This trenchless lining system ‘lays’ PVC liner directly against the host pipe wall, requiring no annular space grouting.

SPR™TF is our newest innovation in Spiral Wound Lining. The SPR™TF method features 2 different winding machines depending on the project; a lightweight, compact machine or one featuring rotating hydraulic arms. Both machines traverse the pipeline while constructing a tight-fit liner.

SPR™TF/RO Lining Process

The trenchless pipe lining process begins by feeding PVC profile from an above ground spool directly into the host pipe. SPR™TF traverses the length of a deteriorated pipeline while pulling profile to construct the PVC liner. Wraps of PVC are locked together as the winding machine continues down the pipeline.

The machine ‘lays’ profile directly against the pipe wall, resulting in no space between liner and pipe. Since the profile is installed directly against the pipe wall, no annular space grouting is required. The fully structural pipe rehabilitation process is complete once the liner reaches the far end manhole and the ends are sealed.