SPR™EX Spiral Wound Lining

6″ – 42″ Pipe Lining No Grout Solution 100% Trenchless

Expand for a Tight Fit Liner

SPR™EX is a trenchless lining method for small diameter sewers, storm drains and culverts. SPR™EX is a tight fit liner and does not require annular space grouting. SPR™EX is a structural lining solution that can be designed for fully deteriorated pipes capable of withstanding all applied loads. The PVC profile is wound directly into the host pipe. The hydraulic winding machine is lowered into the access chamber.

The process begins by feeding a PVC strip into the winding machine. The pipe liner is constructed and pushed towards the upstream manhole. Once the liner reaches the termination manhole or structure, the liner is restrained, then expanded creating a tight fit liner.

SPR™EX Lining Process

SPR™EX is a tight fit lining solution that does not require annular space grouting. SPR™EX is initially wound at a fixed diameter smaller than the host pipe. This is done so that the liner can negotiate offsets and other host pipe defects without restriction. SPR™EX liners are typically installed from the downstream to the upstream manhole however reverse set-ups are possible.

Once the SPR™EX liner reaches the upstream manhole, the liner is torsionally restrained. Once secured, the operator will then expand the liner.  The expansion process begins when the wire positioned between the primary and secondary (or sacrificial lock) is retracted, severing the secondary lock. This allows for successive wraps of PVC profile to expand, creating a customized tight fit liner against the inside of the host pipe.

As the wire is pulled, the liner continues to expand. The operator will continue to feed additional profile into the host pipe until the entire pipe segment is lined.  Once the liner is expanded, the ends are sealed then the operator can immediately reinstate laterals using industry standard robotic equipment.